Saturday, March 7, 2009

Miley Cyrus trying for $500,000 per day?

Best policy in life: if you make a mistake, admit it. Turns out Miley Cyrus does have a new product out. At 16, she has published her autobiography, “Miles to Go.”

In a recent blog I said she had no new product. Books? Hey even on a recent Hannah Montana episode, she admitted Hannah doesn’t like carrots or reading. So I’m waiting for the audio version – hope the Disney marketing whizzes have thought of this. I envision – “Miles to Go, the Miley Cyrus autobiography as read by Hannah Montana.”

So with the last year of the 21st Century’s first decade only two months old, we have two new singles, “The Climb” and a song about those racy photos, “Hoedown Throwdown.” The Hannah Montana Movie soundtrack on March 24 and then the movie the first half of April.

If this is the first third of the year, what is this girl doing for the last third – Thanksgiving, Halloween and the winter holidays?

Looks like she’s aiming to surpass that $400,000 per day she made in 2007. What can she do with ALL that money?

For you parents, let’s, as Hilary Duff says, “Do The Math.”

$15 – movie

$15 – soundtrack

$20 – book

$20 – deluxe edition of soundtrack, probably in June

That’s only $70. Don’t worry, unless you’re Octomom with all those kids. Brad and Angie can afford it.

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