Sunday, March 22, 2009

More "Band Brand" brain farts - looking for a band to try this

As stated in the last post, have people Twitter from your show. As a responsible marketer, you’ve posted videos to MySpace and YouTube.

Now I had an idea. You’re in Salinas, California. Your home base/street team is Seymor, Indiana (two points for whoever figures out the musicians I’m thinking of from each city). With today’s technology, you take that $300 computer mentioned in previous post, the $45 per month you’re paying for wireless broadband (even cooler if the venue you are in has WiFi – faster, or broadband access, even faster) and stream your concert worldwide.

Sure you’re going to get ripped off. Make sure your band name and Web site are all over that live stream video.

If anyone is doing this, please, please let me know how it is working on revenue streams. If you like the idea and try it, let me know.

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