Monday, October 6, 2014

Taylor Swift “1989” Farewell Tour


Four years ago I gave marketing advice to Taylor Swift she totally ignored.

In that missive, “Will Taylor Swift repeat history in 2011 21st Century marketing genius Marketing Sociologist recommends a holiday 2011 greatest hits 2 CDs” I wrote: “She'll be 21 in 2011. She's been on the charts non-stop since 2007.”

So for seven solid years Swift has been at the top of the charts. Only a few musicians can make that claim, i.e., Elvis,The Beatles, Rolling Stones. A rare handful. Certainly not Carly Rae Jepson. Doesn’t even look like Justin Bieber will.

So now my marketing advice is for Swift to bill this as her “farewell” tour. It is her first pop tour, so why not make it a farewell tour? Look how long KISS, Garth Brooks and Cher have been going since their farewell tours.

A three year tour. Then take my advice offered up four years ago – a couple greatest hits CDs like The Beatles blue and red albums. Right at winter holidays 2017.

She takes two years off. Gets married, has a couple children (Quit laughing. It could happen. Maybe.).

Then in 2019 she debuts another country tinged CD. She returns to the stage, saying the “1989” farewell tour was accurate. It was a farewell to her pop experiment and she’s returning to country (which is really Swift pop as all but her very first songs have been).

She’ll be around 30 at this time. A good second wind for a career that started when she was 14.