Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jonas Brothers two time losers per Barbara Walters

The previous post addresses how to market yourself as a musician today and in the future. There are lessons for corporate America as well. It is interesting the biggest music stars of 2008, the Jonas Brothers, failed twice, as Barbara Walters noted.

“This time they got to experience failure together,” Walters said of their being dumped by Columbia Records in 2007. “With no money coming in, they found an audience on the Internet.”

What puzzles me is what road did Taylor Swift take to become such a huge success in seemingly less than a year? Her first CD was released in 2006, but 2008 was her big year, even before the release of “Fearless.” Maybe Wikipedia has the answer, “Swift has surpassed the 179 million mark for music streams on MySpace. She is currently ranked in the Top 10 for the most MySpace visits for all genres of music, and is MySpace's current top-ranking Country artist. Swift is the most searched musical artist on MySpace in 2008.”

Funny how 2008’s two largest bands – Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift – used MySpace. I would add YouTube as well. Matter of fact, for three years I’ve been recommending these. When will corporate America listen and end this depression (recession for the namby-pamby)?

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Creating a 21st Century band brand

Looked at Warner Music stock recently? Its tumble reflects how music has changed in the past five years.

In Phoenix, there are few places to see a band anymore. How do musicians get exposure? Record labels are dead. No one listens to radio anymore. Television is dead. If I want a TV show, I go to YouTube – there’s gossip TV shows similar to TMZ that don’t go anywhere but Internet. Some call this guerilla marketing. I call it today and the future.

The answer of how musicians market today came when Malese Jow sent a request to be my “friend” on MySpace. Like record producers of olde, I listen to all the MySpace friends’ requests. I don’t accept everyone.

Anyone on my MySpace page is a very talented musician. Of course it helps when they look like Jessica Simpson, Brooke Hogan, Jordin Sparks and Hilary Duff. Even Yoko Ono is there! People I idolize like Eric Burdon, Edward Bernays and Joe Vitale too.

I am a rabid fan of Tiffany Giardina. See Jow is as talented – plus she was in the movie “Bratz.”

Jow has a street team everywhere. This is how you market music now. Street teams, Face Book, MySpace, YouTube – and being on TV commercials didn’t hurt a wonderful songstress named Vanessa Hudgens. Then you post those ads to YouTube, MySpace – where ever you can.

I may be missing something Jow is doing, but I could not find any MP3s anywhere. I know MySpace will help you sell them, I was unable to find Jow’s music on Amazon, but that’s where I discovered she was in Bratz. She’s losing money here! Get those MP3s up everywhere possible. Same deal with a very creative guy from Tiffany Giardina’s neighborhood – Christoph; think Dirty Vegas meets Keith Emerson.

On the other hand, a new “friend,” The Fastest Kid Alive (guess their slogan is, a girl walks up and says got a minute – I say, it won’t take that long) know how to merchandise. You can buy the CD on MySpace for $5.99 or Amazon for $4.99. They also have “Click here for online merch store.” Nice touch. Guys, you might want to think of selling single MP3s on MySpace because someone like me might want to do a YouTube mash up with your’s and Miley Cyrus’ “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

Throughout MySpace, and Tiffany Giardina does it, bands list where they are playing. Seems like I get a daily blast from Scotty Johnson, Gin Blossoms guitarist, about where he is playing either with the band or solo.

Ironically, there is a bi-monthly “vinyl” album sale in Phoenix. People are still dealing in vinyl. The bad part is bands of olde don’t get any money from that.

The challenge for musicians right now is how to make money. How would the Rolling Stones market themselves today and build a following like they did in ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s?

The answer is post to YouTube, a MySpace, Face Book, Twitter presence. Also get on as many Internet radio stations as possible, Pandora, I heart whatever, AOL radio, Radio Disney, on and on. Make sure your MP3s are available to purchase EVERYWHERE, like MySpace, Amazon, iTunes-(really, that’s so olde school). I’ve been hyping the heck out of Giardina. I got a full album for under $2! I’m happy. That’s how you market.

Lastly, another marketing tactic from the olde days, the ‘90s. Bands like the Gin Blossoms and Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers tour, tour, tour. Yet, I see Scotty Johnson at many social functions, another marketing tool. Make those American Music Awards, Oscars; get your picture with Brad and Angie (my tween equivalent is Zac and Vanessa or Zack and Cody).