Monday, August 23, 2010

Emily Osment announces
Fight or Flight tracks
Via Twitter
21st Century marketing

Track 1: Lovesick

Track 2: Get Yer Yah-Yah’s Out

Track 3: 1-800 Clap Your Hands (The Water is Rising)

Track 4: Marisol

Track 5: The Cycle

Track 6: All the Boys Want

Track 7: Double Talk

Track 8: Truth or Dare

Track 9: Let’s Be Friends

Track 10: You Get Me Through

Track 11: Gotta Believe in Something

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Building the Band Brand:
2nd decade 21st Century performing
Your band just comes out & plays?

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Marketing Sociologist
Spotting business opportunties
Using market research
Predicted SmartPhone movies year ago

Let's say you're a retail store marketing to the Tween market (roughly 8 to 14 years old). You need your market research. If I run a contest, would it be wiser to use Miley Cyrus' new CD or the Jonas Brothers' new CD for a tie-in?

One of Marketing Sociologist's blogs is Tween Music. I'm an advocate of measurement. Matter of fact, it was my means of measuring public relations coverage that today has been bastardized into what people mistakenly call ROI (Return on Investment - but a story in the media is not a return. It's a misnomer to call it ROI).

I love Google Analytics because it is a great marketing measurement tool. Same with Adsense if you know how to utilize it - few do. Combined together, you have a powerful information tool that will provide some solid data on where your market is heading. Knowledge is power.

The Internet is a wonderful place for marketing and it gets better daily. Readers, I'd appreciate your input on what marketing measurement tools there are for SmartPhone apps and where do I find them? Thank you in advance. Please leave it in comments.

So with my Internet market research tools, I can tell you Miley Cyrus' future is as dim as her protege, Hilary Duff. Yet the Jonas Brothers are still shining as brightly as Tailor Swift. Something I predicted a year ago on gut feeling but now have the research to prove it. Miley Cyrus' recent CD sold 66 percent less than her first CD in the same time span. No figures available yet for the new JoBro CD. Maybe next week.

The numbers from my Analytics and Adsense tell me I get more visitors on Tween Music from the Jonas Brothers - almost double - than when I mention Miley Cyrus. Ironically, the Tween market is not that into either of their TV shows, but focuses on their music and videos. After all, the Tween market is not about television.

More than a year ago I told you about first run movies over SmartPhones and why the FCC vacated the broadcast band for this function. Today you're seeing the first of it. This trend will escalate for more than a decade. Trust me if you didn't listen last year.

That's why the Tween market is not showing up on television numbers. Why wait for the next episode of Hannah Montana Forever when I can watch it a week before it airs on YouTube over my SmartPhone?