Sunday, May 17, 2009

First ever Building Band Brand: Becoming Famous in 21st Century award goes to…

My link went down, but trust me for about two minutes I saw today’s most savvy Building the Band Brand: Becoming Famous in 21st Century artist out there.

Boston’s Clear Channel Kiss station (108) had a whole day of acts that included:

2pm - The Veronicas

2:25pm - Jada

2:50pm - The White Tie Affair

3:15pm - 3OH!3

3:40 - Black Eyed Peas

4:20 - Matt Nathanson

4:45 - The All American Rejects

5:25pm - Sean Kingston

5:55pm - Ciara

6:40pm - Akon

7:25pm - LMFAO

7:45pm - Ashley Tisdale

8:10pm - Soulja Boy

8:35pm - Jesse McCartney

9:15pm - Flo Rida

Out of all these artists, only one – that is one! – used the Internet to promote herself; but she did such an outstanding job, I’ve got the first ever Building the Band Brand: Becoming Famous in 21st Century award ready to ship when her “people” (not mom and dad in this case) let me know where to send it. If she’s as smart as I think she is, she’ll have a photo of it up on her Web site, MySpace, Facebook on-and-on pages.

Ashley Tisdale used Twitter, MySpace, her own Web site, and who knows where else to promote this live feed.

My Twitter to her was hopefully she was smart enough – and I believe she is – to get a YouTube video up from the concert within two hours of her performance (when I say YouTube, I mean plural of all sites, including her own), have photos up on MySpace, Facebook, etc., etc.

She should be commended for doing new material during her set – not just her current hit. This is the 21st, not 20th Century and she’s out in front of it.

Also, I hope she went to the side of the stage, upsetting Soulja Boy, and handing the new material, as well as old, out on a BRANDED USB memory chip. It should include a link to her Web page, about five or six songs, a blog link to when the new material will be out, where it can be purchased at a huge discount to those having this BRANDED USB chip – like $4.95 to $7.95. This is where you can have fun and be creative. Shrink wrap chip inside something that looks like an old vinyl album cover; with a Meet the Beatles type of Bio on the back and of course the new CD art on the front, or a collage of all your CD covers.

This isn’t the 20th Century where you hand out photos. For about $8 in printing and USB material, even the small up and coming band (what the movie Bandslam is about) can do this. You don’t need to be a High School Musical star.

Hope she shows loyalty by doing a live concert at the KISS station in Boston in the morning and giving more of the BRANDED USB memory chips away to callers who couldn’t make it to the station.

Ms. Tisdale, if you don’t deserve it, who does (a phrase invented by local announcer Dave Pratt)?


Addendum to story. Ashley Tisdale’s fans apparently crashed the system, which is why I only got 2 minutes – a glorious 2 minutes of the show. Now go up and look at that list again. In 2015, tell me who’s still around? Ms. Tisdale, I’m sure!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Guys wearing jock straps

When you sign Google’s Adsense contract, you say you will not promote the feature on your blog. Yet when I went to and saw below, I had to comment. It is so demented, it is funny. Better than all the public relations agencies – my competition – Adsense posts on

Guys Wearing Jock Straps

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Building the Band Brand: Gigging in the 21st Century

20th Century

You were the only band; you played between three to five sets, 50 minutes each. During those sets you opened with two of your own songs (or strictly stuck to cover material) and then went into cover songs, intertwining one of your own tunes occasionally. You take a half-hour break and prepare to come back for your next set.

21st Century

You’re on a bill with five to eight bands. You have 35 minutes and then you’re off. You must play all your own songs, mention your Web site and that CDs are available at your gig. You may do a cover, or be creative like one band I saw – they did a cover of something like “Best of Both Worlds” by Hannah Montana while the singer sang Rod Stewart’s “Do You Think I’m Sexy.” May not have been the best band in the world, but they got 100 percent in creativity.

20th Century

During your break you stay with your friends and family and ignore the fans, or say hello if they come up to you.

21st Century

After your set, mom and dad remove your equipment. You go to a table near the stage and sign promotional material you’ve had prepared, offer CDs, and if you’re really sophisticated, downloads onto USB memory sticks (probably your cost $10), take pictures and videos with fans. Post them immediately to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter pics, YouTube, your own home page and on and on.

20th Century

You advertised your gig in an underground/alternative newspaper, or got the promoter to do that. You went on radio and talked about the upcoming gig. You went to Tower Records and signed autographs.

21st Century

You have street teams create buzz on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all over the net. When you’re in their town they recruit students from high schools and colleges. You’re posting videos to all these places. You’re a welcome guest and you don’t hype, hype, hype. You send out a weekly newsletter, let your fans know all the places mentioned here that you are coming. You keep ALL you net sites updated with upcoming gigs and events. Check Malese Jow, Ashley Tisdale or Tiffany Giardina. They’re all over Twitter while Jessica Simpson may post once a week. Who’s careers are ascending? You build a relationship with your local Radio Disney – ask Jonnine and Brookie how well this works – rising stars nationally on Radio Disney thanks to these connections. If you’re really adventurous and have time, you create a talk radio blog and discuss music. Have friends and family call in.

You go to all the red carpet events that you can, like Kids Choice, Teen Choice, anywhere Brad and Angie are. You have your picture taken with the big star of the moment, Miley, Demi, Tayor, Joe, Nick and Kevin, or you score BIG time and have it with Malia and Sasha Obama and their mom. Make sure that is plastered ALL over the Internet, like TMZ and Wireimage.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Disney losing money BIG time

Allow me to edit this news story –

"LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Walt Disney Co is developing an Internet subscription service and may consider trimming studio output, executives said on Tuesday after the division posted a 97 percent decline in operating income."

Michael Iger fired. Board craps its collective pants after “division” (what division?) loses everything they made this year and then some. Blame Ashley Dupree.

"On a conference call, Disney chief executive officer Bob Iger blamed the disappointing performance on a spate of underperforming DVD and movie releases in the second quarter from "Bolt" to "Beverly Hills Chihuahua"."

Ex-CEO Iger in a conference call.. Hell, did you see those movies (they were cute, though)? You forgot to include Jones Brothers 3D in that list!

If you wouldn’t hire interns for your public relations staff, you’d be making fine money. Check this blog for “How Not to do Tween Marketing.” Your PR staff can’t even answer the phone or return an email.

They still think media is Good Morning America or Howard Stern. There’s now 80-million blogs you must be sensitive to, or they’ll trash you – which I would never do to the lame public relations staff Disney hires.

Disney had two #1 box office movies in April. How are they going to cut their production? Wait till they see what “G Force” does to them. They are not focusing on their core market – Tweens.

Disney, I’ve contacted you! I’m a consultant. You’ve never answered the phone! Could that be why you’re at a 97% loss?