Friday, March 6, 2009

Miley Cyrus, I hate you

Right when I’ve been blogging that radio is dead, Miley Cyrus goes on tour – a tour of Clear Channel radio stations.

Either Miley’s people don’t know how to market her, or the tie-in Disney has with Clear Channel/Live Nation is an attempt to salvage the radio stations. I personally think it is salvage.

Why have the world’s current biggest star traipse all over the nation, wear herself out, when she’s not on tour?

Matter of fact, Miley doesn’t have any new product out. The movie isn’t out until April and the soundtrack isn’t released until March 24. In this day of Twitter, people will forget the radio slots in two weeks.

It is ironic she went on tour the week Jonas Brothers 3D broke in theaters. There’s a Hannah Montana movie trailer before the JB movie.

So why is Cyrus doing the tour instead of the Jonas Brothers? Have those interns Disney hires instead of real marketers lost their mind?

Me, I’d be putting Miley Cyrus on the nation’s #1 rated television, American Idiot, on March 25. I’d be hyping that during every prime time commercial break for two weeks before the event. Then, I’d have her on both the Fox (American Idiot) morning shows and Good Morning America (Disney’s ABC) the week of the American Idiot show.

I’d also be doing the phony interview set for independent television stations – making it look like the station’s on-air was actually interviewing Miley. Add appearances on Letterman and Leno, if she’s allowed to stay up that late (not to worry, they shoot around 5 p.m.).

So my only conclusion is – it’s to salvage radio. Won’t work!

Wait, she released “The Climb” the same week as Jonas Brothers 3D and goes on radio tour to support it? How bad was that breakup with Nick Jonas?

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