Monday, March 9, 2009

Miley Cyrus taking marketing sociologist advice?

Spies have said she actually visits this blog. The other day I blogged, “Miley Cyrus, I Hate You,” giving her advice that radio was dead and steps to take to promote her movie (and her autobiography, which is not the new song, “Hoe down,” but instead is called “Miles To Go.” (Next one will be Miles2 Go, then Miles3 Go.)).

So she partly followed my advice. It wasn’t Good Morning America, but it was The View this morning, one of Disney's ABC shows. Where were all the promos last week promoting this appearance? Will she be doing Kelly & Regis, Mike & Juliet?

Here’s a marketing sociologist tip for network (and local) TV. Not only put those promos on your station, post to YouTube and MySpace, plus send a Twitter out about them.

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