Sunday, September 11, 2011

Are these new Ke$ha songs
from an unreleased album?

There's even more on YouTube. Is it really Ke$ha?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Aly & Aj 78violet call out
nude photos on Twitter
What do they call this?

Ok seriously people...have we not learned our lessons?? Nude photos taken of yourself = bad press= low self esteem= YOU ASKED FOR IT! - Aly & AJ post on Twitter

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lady Gaga, Amazon Cloud marketing strategy
99 cents CD and WOM
What I don't like about Lady Gaga
perfect voice

This past week Amazon and Lady Gaga married (Marry the Night?) for one of the best marketing strategies I've ever encountered.

For years I have explained to people Amazon owns cloud computing storage. In May the cloud went down, challenging its viability; as well as messing up PlayStation for Sony.

Along came Lady Gaga and a 99 cent CD sale of Born This Way. If you bought the CD, you got like a five year free trial of the cloud. You can tell I passed on the deal.

Amazon paid $8.40 for the 99 cents CD I purchased, according to Billboard.

While Amazon tied in with what is probably today's #1 recording artist, Lady Gaga got something in return.

You can tell by the Billboard article, Lady Gaga's Born This Way will be the #1 CD on Tuesday (May 31, 2011).

Lady Gaga also benefits. It creates WOM - word of mouth, the greatest marketing tool ever known to mankind.

My personal believe is this 21st Century marketing tool (formerly public relations) has established Gaga for the next 15 years. Hard to believe, but Britney Spears has sustained her career for an even dozen years now and has no sign of letting up. Put Gaga in the Britney, Madonna stratosphere.

Again, personally believe Gaga's Born This Way is unstoppable throughout June (2011), and will be able to withstand new releases by Beyonce, Selena Gomez and Dolly Parton.

By the end of June, Gaga will add somewhere from a million to five million to her net worth, and that's not counting the song writing $. That, my friend, is true marketing in the 21st Century.

Now what I don't like about Gaga. Nit picking. Here voice is too perfect. In the days when people like Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez use vocal "sweeteners" to enhance their vocals, and keep them in tune, Lady Gaga sounds like she's been trained extensively in vocals.

Listening to Born This Way at the gym this morning, it hit me. There's no machine between her voice, the microphone and the recording device. Not even Taylor Swift can make that claim. It's like someone who lives off junk food. If you feed them quality diets of vegetables and other good food, they're going to get sick. My problem with Gaga's vocals.

Lastly, would like to introduce Kareem "Jesus" Devlin, guitarist extraordinaire from my favorite Born This Way song, Electric Chapel.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gin Blossoms No Chocolate Cake
Best since New Miserable Experience

Yes, I am a Gin Blossoms fan. Saw them 20 years ago and when they reformed 12 years ago. Yes, I did write them off after Major Lodge Victory. Too soon. The group's new CD is terrific. No Choc-o-late (that's how I pronounce it) Cake is one of their best.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Marketing Sociologist's top 3 2010 songs

A year ago thought Ke$ha would take my top fave of 2010. Didn't think a song better than Tik Tok would come along. Loved Taylor Swift's 2010 efforts. Yet, when it all came to 2011, the winner was the Disney star who once told Hannah Montana, I'm going to take all your fans. She was accurate.

So, #1 A Year Without Rain; #2, Tik Tok, & #3 Round & Round