Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Who's sponsoring Miley Cyrus' 2009 tour?

One of those quasi-research firm reports – you know the ones designed to get publicity with no substance behind the research – says concert sponsorship will increase 3.8 percent this year (I’m sure that figure was pulled from someone’s butt) for $1.09 billion over 2008’s $1.04 billion. Stick to for true reporting on items like these.

But it does pose a question. Who will sponsor Cyrus’ tour, more than likely beginning in August? Someone already knows – including every stop on the tour – but no one is talking.

“The Last Song,” Miley’s mom’s production, is set to start shooting in June (my prediction is a fast death due to the both director’s and producer’s lack of experience at big screen). Release date is set for Jan. 8, 2010. Will filming be completed in time for Cyrus to tour in the early fall or will she do another winter concert tour?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jamaican Episode, Snoop Dogg's greatest hits cover up

The secret of the decade appears to be the track listing on Snoop Dogg’s May 19 release of The Jamaican Episode, a greatest hits CD/DVD release. Drop It Like It’s Hot will more than likely be on it. Why the secrecy, Mr. Dogg?

Friday, April 24, 2009

You could be $1,320 richer than last month

On March 21, 2009 I told Tween Marketing readers I felt Revlon was going to go up, not on the basis of analysis, but after being in the mall and seeing every girl from five on up wearing makeup.

Revlon was trading at $2.30 that day. If you had bought 1,000 shares, you’d be $1,320 richer today; the stock is trading at $3.62 right now.

These are the things marketing sociologists watch for. Not necessarily what’s going on in the stock market, but in trends. That’s why wise companies are adopting marketing sociology for their business. For more information, email

Saturday, April 18, 2009

BUILDING THE BAND BRAND: 5 things to do when nothing’s happening

Photo taken from Myspace

You’ve posted to YouTube. You have a MySpace page. It seems like no one is visiting your site. You’re in the dumps about it.

First, are you phrasing it right? An old headline trick I learned long before most readers parents were born – put some drama into it. So instead of saying “Nice sunny day,” rephrase as “Hot sun beats down upon earth.” Same thing, just a little more flair.

Here are five things you can do when nothing is happening:

- Post a Tweet. I like to use Friendfeed. If you’re on Facebook or other sites like Digg it will do the updating. Tried Tweet Deck but did not like.

- Go to MySpace and look up people you can add as friends. I was blown away when Beyonce’s cousin Shanica Knowles contacted me with a friend request. You know Shanica as the ever popular Amber from Hannah Montana. Maybe as Aly and AJ’s co-star in Super Sweet 16 the movie.

Here’s how I do it. I look for people I know and see who they know. Through one artist I found one of the biggest influences on my music – Howlin’ Wolf. An up-and-coming blues band, The Aces, whom I met through LinkedIn, would be wise to go to my page and introduce themselves to Bob Corritore, purveyor of one of the finest blues clubs in the nation, the Rhythm Room.

Same thing with Twitter. Type in the name of someone you want to follow. Can’t find them, then try Ashlee Simpson who will lead you to Papa Joe Simpson who will lead you to Jessica Simpson. See. Easy. You could also go to We Follow if you’re looking for The Real Shaq (why?).

- Post a bulletin on MySpace. Easy and it draws attention. Do it once every other day.

- Check and recheck. Find new places to SELL your MP3s. Fix MySpace. Make those tunes 90 seconds instead of the full song (that’s for YouTube). Are they available to buy at MySpace, Amazon and everywhere?

- Another great networking opportunity. Join LinkedIn and list all the places you’ve listed your MP3s for sale (a sales tool) and ask LinkedIn members if they know of more places to place your MP3s.