Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Building the Band Brand: When is it time to call a press conference?
How much money have you lost since April 11 not using Marketing Sociologist

Miley Cyrus used Twitter to announce her upcoming tour – something first announced on sister blog on April 11 – long before anyone else had details. That is what Marketing Sociologists practice is about – predicting the future for profits.

Here’s how Cyrus announced it the evening of June 2, “wanted to let yall know i am making a hugggeee announcement at 7 am tomorrow. cant wait for yall to hear the news. love always, MILEY.”

Ironic, none of the news media picked up on it until around noon Pacific time June 3 – five hours after the scheduled announcement, two months after announced by Marketing Sociologist – including that it would be a “fall” tour.

Guess lame-o news media is so indoctrinated (spoon fed) on press releases, they missed this. In my day of reporting, I would have been fired for a) using a press release; b) missing the Twitter announcement.

Rarely is it a good idea to call a press conference, but this would have been the time to do this. I can’t believe Cyrus’ publicity machine handled this so poorly. It appears it was a press release distributed via Business Wire of PR Newswire.

At the press conference, the dates could have been announced, that Ticketmaster was handling it (believe Live Nation handled last year’s), that Wal-Mart was the sponsor, reportedly featuring a new Cyrus clothing line (guess the winter 2007/2008 Wal-Mart promotion that netted Cyrus more than $30-million was under the Hannah Montana label), and her brother’s band, Metro Station, was the scheduled opening act.

Imagine her showing up to Good Morning America, The Morning Show, Regis, Ellen and others immediately after the press conference – which should have been scheduled in New York for the eastern time zone. She’d be on the evening news, Conan and Letterman and everywhere. Wal-Mart could have displayed the new clothing line all over national television. A great opportunity totally missed. That's what happens when you utilize public relations practitioners instead of Marketing Sociologists.

Instead, reporters missed her Twitter. They also missed her announcing the tour on Radio Disney earlier this year! Wal-Mart, Cyrus, and Ticketmaster missed revenue they could have realized.

Marketing Sociologists keep their networks open for all news. Think of the people who knew in April when I announced this tour and how much money they are making.

Since I have not heard from your organization or company, I am concerned. You want to make money, right? Why haven’t you contacted Marketing Sociologist?

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