Sunday, June 28, 2009

Building the Band Brand
Don’t you love it when artists take risks

You’ve got to love it when an artist is so in love with their own music they’re willing to present new, unheard, songs during a concert.

I almost feel like a shill for Ashley Tisdale, but her marketing skills so outpace most; she’s at the forefront of 21st Century music marketing. Imagine if she, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus started a music marketing company. They’d wipe out all the competition, like Jonas Brothers (who else is touring besides these four – and Demi Lovato? Mitchel Musso?).

If you want to bring your “game” to this level, consult with a 21st Century music marketing professional. It’s worth the investment. Is your music as well known as Ashley Tisdale or Taylor Swift? What would it take to land you there?

Practice, practice, practice. Watch the sound check. You’ll see her moves are almost identical to Saturday’s live performance at The Grove.

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