Thursday, December 31, 2009

Susan Boyles destroys 20th Century marketing
Album of year in 6 weeks
Beats Taylor Swift
End of press release mentality
YouTube rules

In six weeks, Susan Boyle has destroyed 20th Century marketing. In the next week or two, Billboard will be announcing its album of the year.

Taylor Swift has had Fearless on the charts the entire year. She toured her tail off (unfortunately did not make Top 10 concerts of the year). Was in the Jonas Brothers and other movies. Yet Boyle, who has had her CD out since Thanksgiving, will beat Swift for CD of the year

How did Boyle do it? A little thing called YouTube. In 2007, I was thrown out of offices for suggesting YouTube & MySpace presence instead of press releases. Boyle's success is directly from YouTube. You can not turn on a newscast without seeing a YouTube related story.

Today I am advocating SmartPhone apps; getting the same reactions from companies as when I advocated YouTube. You wonder why the economy is bad? 20th Century thinking management!

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