Sunday, December 27, 2009

Why corporate record companies are dead
How music is exposed and discovered
In 21st Century SECOND DECADE
Get Timbaland & Miley $5

Was listening to AOL Radio this morning. Heard a Miley Cyrus tune I thought FANTASTIC. Turns out it was on the new Timbaland CD I was not aware of – Shock Value II. Had not heard it on traditional radio. I had heard the Justin Timberlake tune from the CD a month ago – thought it sucked.

Went to Amazon. Saw a used CD for $3.99. Then I checked out the download price - $5. I had purchased Tiffany Giardina’s CD the same way, for like $3.

So, I was exposed to a song via Internet radio, picked it up for about shipping costs or local taxes online. This is how you market music in the 21st Century.

By the way, think this is the BEST song Cyrus has done – of course I’m partial to Timbaland.

I also like Amazon better than iTunes. QuickTime messes up Windows based programs for some reason. If you use iTunes, you must download QuickTime. iTunes has Shock Value II for $12.99, another reason I like Amazon. Got most of Miley Cyrus The Time of Our Lives free due to Amazon promo codes.

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