Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Expect big drop in Almost Alice CD
Sex, Gorillaz and Hendrix
Dominate tomorrow's Billboard 200

Sex sells. Ludacris' Battle of the Sexes is expected to debut at #1 on Billboard's Top 200 tomorrow, followed by the Gorillaz' Plastic Beach. Lady Antebellum is #3, and projected to be #1 again March 25 on projected sales this week.

Coming in fourth will be another debut. You think Michael Jackson did well this week with a $200-million recording contract. Imagine a guy who's been dead 40 years debuting at #4 on Billboard's 200. Wish your band could do that? Only one living person connected to The Jimi Hendrix Experience, bassist Billy Cox. Hendrix's Valley of Neptune should come in at #4. Not bad for a debut of someone gone 40 years! Wonder if Elvis ever did that? Definitely not John Lennon.

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