Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bandslam DVD features different ending
Would be great marketing to have several different endings
Can't wait to see Mrs. Zac Efron live

While you're getting ready for Beastly, just caught Bandslam DVD. The DVD ends with The Daze, not Scott Porter and The Glory Dogs as in the theatrical release, winning. Thought it would be terrific if there were a whole series of different bands winning the competition. Great marketing

Wasn't she suppose to have a show in Oregon or Washington this year?

Finally figured out what the keyboardist was saying during the movie version (three different versions - movie, CD, and YouTube video) of Everything I own. It is one time; two times.

Finally, the rumor Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are being married is still on. Supposedly somewhere like the Beverly Hills Hotel. Still in June. Hottest ticket of the year!


LuminousSpecter said...

Actually the movie is completely unchanged from the theatrical release. Scott Porter and Glory Dogs didn't win in the theatrical version either. The Daze won there as well. (I know, I saw it twice.)

Marketing $ociologist said...


Thank you for your input. When I saw it at "sneaks," it was The Glory Dogs that won - there's also a post on of Glory Dogs accepting the trophy.

So they changed it after "sneaks"?

LuminousSpecter said...

I also saw a sneak of it, and Glory Dogs didn't win on that one either. However, the sneak that you saw wasn't really a sneak, it was a research screening that is used to decide things for the final cut based on the audience reaction. So what you saw, and what I saw, were different. You saw a version that never played in theaters. As you said in your article before, it seemed hastily cut in some areas. So you might have seen Glory Dogs win in the sneak screening, but by the final cut that had been changed. I saw the press screening of the film a few weeks in advance, and it seems they'd made the necessary changes between your July screening and my early August screening.