Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lovesick over Lovesick Radio
Building the Band Brand:
Becoming famous in the 21st Century

This is how you market. I’ve had dozens of bad bands requesting an add on MySpace recently.

I’m exclusive. I’ve turned down some pretty good musicians. You have to be TOP NOTCH to be on my MySpace. You have to understand 21st Century marketing.

Tonight I got an e-vite from Lovesick Radio. Last band I heard this good were Tempe’s The Maine. Lovesick Radio blows them away.

If one of my heroes, Rick Derringer, is not one of their influences, I don’t know music. Yes, they’ve studied the hair bands and updated it for the 21st Century.

They’re doing the right things. Their MySpace songs are less than 90 seconds (except for one). They put their videos up on YouTube. If they are as Building the Band Brand cognizant with 21st Century technology, they’ll learn about this post by searching their name (and having a Google notification sent) daily at Twitter and blogsearch.google.com.

Believe they’re already on Last.fm. Way to go, guys. You’re doing all the right things. I love your sound – harkens back to my youth. Let me know when you’re playing the Sonoran desert. Want to see your act live. Bet you’re great. Who would get top bill, you or Emily Osment? That’d be a show I’d pay Jonas Brother or Miley Cyrus money to see!

To Lovesick Radio: remember the words of Zig Ziglar, See you at the top!

Only one complaint. After watching the live video, would love to help them with their stage presence – so important. Guys, it’s worth spending the $5,000 or so to have a Hollywood stage presence. Compare what Mitchel Musso is doing; or, shudder, Honor Society. Don’t change your sound, but please, change your stage wardrobe – except for the naked drummer there. Of course, I’m thinking that’s an early video and rough. Sure they’re fantastic now. If not, I could help!

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