Monday, October 19, 2009

Before you sign a recording contract
Investigate the label’s marketing department
Emily Osment making All the Right Wrongs

Was all set to dismiss Emily Osment’s All the Right Wrongs. First, her record label publicity department took a week to get back to me. Second, they blew off credential requests for a Tween Music blog in the blogosphere top five percent. So we’re not the New York Times. Really, how long ago did a Tween read the NYT’s?

Would have loved to seen her at Los Angeles’ House of Blues, but her record label decided against letting me in. Would have been the second time in one week seeing her. Was going to pay, but the label’s attitude turned me off and was ready to totally dismiss Osment.

This morning I heard tracks from the new EP. I love her voice. She utilizes the Hollywood/Disney formula of pop. It is time for SOMEONE to transgress this and transport us into the second decade of the 21st Century as Jimi Hendrix ushered in the 1970s with something brand new.

Wish Ms. Osment luck, but my experience with her record label makes me wonder. We’ll see.

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Marketing $ociologist said...

Kudos to Ms. Osment, or someone, Got an email from an outside PR agency. Wish it had been my agency they had used. Love the reaction. Feels like I'm back on newspapers when one snarky article will upset the whole world - I did a few of those while writing for The Denver Post, Daily Lobo and Billboard Magazine.

Rhino Records crew when they first started reminded me of one of them involving a country artist. Never compare an artist to a Vegamatic sales person.