Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bueller, Bueller, Farris Bueller?
Hey, how are you chicks?
20th Century marketing no longer works

Just like the missing Farris Bueller, I Love You Beth Cooper is gone from movies’ Top 10 after three weeks at the box office. While a movie like G-Force comes in with $32-million on its opening, I Love You Beth Cooper hasn’t even grossed half that in three weeks.

On sister site I mentioned I Love You Beth Cooper star Hayden Panettiere was nowhere in sight promoting the film. No Twitters, no appearance other than like Letterman and Regis and Kelly. No Conan, I believe, no Jimmy Kimmel. Don’t believe she did the morning shows. No web casts – de rigueur today in entertainment marketing.

When will marketing people realize the game has changed and we’re in the 21st Century? You wouldn’t go into a bar and say, “Hey, how are you chicks?” Yet most marketing agencies are still deploying that same ‘70s mentality in their marketing “plans.”

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