Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Disney losing money BIG time

Allow me to edit this news story –

"LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Walt Disney Co is developing an Internet subscription service and may consider trimming studio output, executives said on Tuesday after the division posted a 97 percent decline in operating income."

Michael Iger fired. Board craps its collective pants after “division” (what division?) loses everything they made this year and then some. Blame Ashley Dupree.

"On a conference call, Disney chief executive officer Bob Iger blamed the disappointing performance on a spate of underperforming DVD and movie releases in the second quarter from "Bolt" to "Beverly Hills Chihuahua"."

Ex-CEO Iger in a conference call.. Hell, did you see those movies (they were cute, though)? You forgot to include Jones Brothers 3D in that list!

If you wouldn’t hire interns for your public relations staff, you’d be making fine money. Check this blog for “How Not to do Tween Marketing.” Your PR staff can’t even answer the phone or return an email.

They still think media is Good Morning America or Howard Stern. There’s now 80-million blogs you must be sensitive to, or they’ll trash you – which I would never do to the lame public relations staff Disney hires.

Disney had two #1 box office movies in April. How are they going to cut their production? Wait till they see what “G Force” does to them. They are not focusing on their core market – Tweens.

Disney, I’ve contacted you! I’m a consultant. You’ve never answered the phone! Could that be why you’re at a 97% loss? mediarelationsexpert@yahoo.com

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