Sunday, September 5, 2010

Will Taylor Swift repeat history in 2011
21st Century marketing genius
Marketing Sociologist recommends a holiday
2011 greatest hits 2 CDs

Taylor Swift releases her fourth CD, if you include the holiday CD, in October in time for the holiday buying frenzy. Yes, she will be #1 Billboard hot albums in November.

She started 2010 on a concert tour that sold out in 2009 in less than 12 minutes. Expect the same this year as history repeats itself for Ms. Swift.

She'll be 21 in 2011. She's been on the charts non-stop since 2007. How many artists can claim that?

Swift follows in the wisdom of many other artists. As soon as one single peaks on the chart and is waning, she releases another. Unlike other artists, I've yet to hear a bad, or sound-alike, single from Swift. I don't know how she does it.

My advice would be milk about five songs out of Speak Now CD, a duet with maybe her idols, The Dixie Chicks, or whatever they are now, as she had done in the past with Boys Like Girls, Colbie Caillat, a couple movie tunes, like she did with Valentine's Day.

For 2011, after the spring and summer tour, I recommend a greatest hits package. Do like The Beatles did with the red and blue albums - two different albums. Don't combine them. No rhyme nor reason for songs on the two, just two greatest hits CDs. I recommend Left and Right. Confuse people. Hands, body parts or since 2012 is election year....

Then pull a George Jones. Announce the 2012 hiatus tour. KISS has been on a farewell tour for 10 years. How long ago did Cher do her farewell tour; The Eagles? Swift is not stupid. Do a hiatus tour. Lay low, maybe acting gigs, until 2015. Let all the music begin to creep off the charts - then bam, summer of 2015 another CD and 2016 tour, announced in 2015 - instant sellout.

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