Saturday, June 19, 2010

The day the Rolling Stones did Cher
and Sonny, the
Under Assistant West Coast Promo Man

Cathy McGowan, Andrew Loog Oldham join the Rolling Stones on I Got You Babe..

More Stones - Sonny Bono trivia.. March 26, 1965, Stones recorded backup on Joey Paige's Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, written by Sonny Bono, and 'Cause I'm in Love with You, co-written by Bill Wyman and Brian Cade, all produced by Sonny Bono. This happened at RCA Records' Los Angeles studio. Released on Fontana Records.

Andrew Loog Oldham lands in Hollywood, for example, meets Sonny Bono and then Jack Nitzsche when he brought the Stones to RCA in Hollywood on their first trip to California. What a welcoming committee! This Is Rebel Music: The Harvey Kubernik InnerView: Part Two

If you were ever wondering what The Rolling Stones were singing about in Under Assistant West Coast Promo Man, it was Sonny Bono, arranged for by Phil Spector.

The image on the West Coast screen momentarily moved from B-movie to VistaVision as Phil Spector’s right-hand promo man Sonny Bono greeted us at the airport with an open heart and hand to La-La Land. There was hope yet. Thirtysomething Salvatore Bono looked as whacked as the Stones – and he worked for a living! Bono was all Sicilian LA heart. Clad in barber-pole striped trousers, an Italian sweater of the sort thus far only dared by Carnaby poofters, sole- and heel-less calf-length Indian moccasins, and paisley neckscarf, he was a sight to see. - 2Stoned, Andrew Loog Oldham

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