Sunday, April 4, 2010

Miley Cyrus the new Hilary Duff
Career tanking faster than
Tidy Bowl man
The Last Song bombs

First her We Belong to the Music collaboration with Timbaland fails to chart. Same with Nothing to Lose with Bret Michaels. This weekend Miley Cyrus' first acting effort outside the Hannah Montana franchise, The Last song, bombed so bad it makes I Love You Beth Cooper look like a blockbuster.

The Last Song
came in fourth, behind Clash of the Titans, Tyler Perry's Why Did I get Married Too? and How to Train Your Dragon. The disturbing part is it opened on a Wednesday, two days before a movie normally premiers, including Beth Cooper, and it netted only $16-million. Beth Cooper opened in fifth place and netted $20-million without the extra two days.

Hope Ms. Cyrus saved some of that money she made last year. Ask Hilary Duff, or the musical act 78violet, what happens when your career tanks (Aly & AJ have moved on to acting, it appears. Even if 78violet were
resuscitated, they have lost their following.). It was Nov., 2008 I predicted this happening to Cyrus.

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