Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Building the Band Brand
Kaley Caperton – another Marketing Sociologist pick to click

Almost a year ago I told you about Tiffany Giardina and Malese Jow. One went on to music fame, the other to acting fame.

With the success of Gloriana, I now introduce you to Kaley Caperton

Normally hate country music, but when the world is throwing money at it, you must pay attention. That’s the good point about Caperton, she’s selling her music on MySpace, Amazon and iTunes. Great marketing. She is sending out MySpace invites, too.


Anonymous said...

I checked out her stuff! She's really good!

Sue said...

Thank you for putting Kaley up on your page with your great comments! She is the real deal...even lives on a ranch and rodeoed until she was 13! Now,only 16, singing, playing guitar, writing songs and learning to drive are up on the list.
Just wanted to say thanks...
Sue (her mom!)

Marketing Sociologist said...

Wasn't going to comment, but Kaley's mom Sue got to me. Come on Sue, I once interviewed Chris LeDoux. He built a home out of stones and was a rodeo performer, too.

Just teasing. Tell Kaley no need to build a house of stones. Let us know when she moves to the next level, which she will.

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